Thursday, October 16, 2008

American Express

I really like my American Express Rewards credit card. It's just so great knowing that after I pay my bill in full every month I am getting a little bit back. It feels like I'm shopping with coupons all the time without the hassle of clipping them.

I think it's such a great credit card that whenever someone asks me which one I recommend I usually show them that card and all the features it has, like a low interest rate mine is only 9.99%, when you first apply for one you get twelve months interest free, and the cash back rewards.

I've had many different credit cards before, but currently my AMEX is my favorite by far!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

PayPal Cards

I have a PayPal account and it seems like every time I log into to check how much interest I've made, or if I have received my payments that before it takes me to my balance it shows me an ad for their credit cards.

After seeing this ad a few times I decided to look into the PayPal credit cards to see if they were really worth getting. They have two cards available one is a debit card and the other a rewards Visa. I don't really see the point in getting their debit card, because if you use PayPal you most likely already have a bank account, and you can transfer your funds from your Paypal account to your bank account. Although you do have to wait a couple of days, I don't think it's really that necessary.

The rewards card gives you points for each dollar that you spend. It's a decent card I guess.