Monday, January 24, 2011

Best December Yet

Wow, I was blown away with how much money I made this past December 2010 with my credit card website. I had some pretty good keyword rankings through out the month and it was lead by a resurgence of American Express rewards and other older keywords that I haven't ranked for in a while suddenly shot back up into the top ten of Google results.

This bolstered my traffic and helped me to reach a new high for daily page views and visitors. Couple this with the increase in money that advertisers where spending for the holiday season it gave me my best December yet!

The first half of the month my site was literally on fire compared to previous years. Actually after Thanksgiving I noticed a huge increase by people searching for gift cards and credit cards. Unfortunately the second half of December things really cooled off, but I was still making decent numbers in traffic and profit, but it was no where near the peak.

Before this year I hadn't paid that much attention to increases/decreases provided by Google Trends, but now I have a better understanding of when people search for items and when there is going to be lower traffic for different niches.