Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So it is Written, So it is Done

I have almost hit the panic button. I feel like my hand is hovering over it wanting to slam down. May and June of 2011 were the best ever for my affiliate websites. After a horrendous February, March really started to take off traffic wise and is probably one of my best month traffic wise.

Chart with the arrow crashing into groundDuring March and April I felt I was getting great traffic but my earnings weren't as high as they should be. I then implemented two ads per page instead of the usual only one. This made May and June explode in earnings. But the second half of June was starting to lose it's amount of traffic. This lead to a twenty percent drop in traffic over July, and when I had hoped that my traffic bottomed out.

Unfortunately this isn't the case and August's traffic is down roughly four to five percent from July. August's first week was great, but after that it dropped dramatically. Bing and Yahoo are down by 25 visitors a day which is more than ten percent from them. Google has been great since July and has carried August.

One trouble spot is my rankings are still down and appear to continue to lower. I really need to rank higher for Victoria Secret credit card, and it would be great if Sears credit card did a little better in the search engine results as well. I feel kind of cheap linking to my other website this way as sort of a cash grab at creating links, but as long as my websites aren't penalized for this kind of linking, and I'm not stuffing every post with links I should be okay.

I know linking in this fashion is kind of a grey area for search engine optimization, but I have seen other websites do things much more sinister, and I don't feel bad for acting this way.