Saturday, December 29, 2012

Purchased Own Domain Name

female diver standing at end of a diving boardI finally took the plunge and purchased a domain name for this blog. I figured I've had this blog for over 5 years maybe I should go ahead and make it independent of blogspot.

I was really inspired by another blog that I bought it's own domain name for. It blew me away how much more traffic that site received after I made the move. It went from 100s of visitor a month to 1000s of visitors a month. I didn't even worry about trying to get more links to that site either. All I did was make sure I made a new post every week. The traffic didn't come all at once either. It gradually increased month over month and still is on the rise.

chart that shows how website traffic has increased
The red line indicates when I purchased the domain name.
The blue lines shows how many visitors came to the site.

Now I don't expect this site to take off quite like the other one, but any increase in traffic and website authority will be greatly welcomed. I will need to roll up my sleeves a bit and be ready to write a new post every week, but I think I can handle it with all my shopping experiences I want to share, and my vast wisdom on personal finance.

Savings sign with coins beside it
Another reason is the web hosting cost itself is dirt cheap for a blogger site. My first site I created back in 2003 cost me $9.99 a month for web hosting, and $15 a year for the domain name. I purchased this domain for only $10. That is $10 for a whole year and no monthly charges at all.

I highly recommend people to use if they are interested in starting a small blog/website. It is easy enough for novices to get started with and you don't need to know any technical knowledge on webdesign. But the biggest reason is the price. At $10 a year it is a steal.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I Don't Like Online Shopping

A group of wrapped Christmas gifts
This year I told myself I would try to sit down and really do my holiday shopping online. I text my mom (she is the central hub for all holiday wish lists) what my siblings, father, and their kids want.

She (my poor my still uses a flip-phone and it takes her a considerable amount of time to text any message) texts me back a couple of items listed on each person's list. From my many years of shopping for the same people I have a pretty good feel of what they might like or dislike given the parameters of the initial gift idea.

The first website I head over to is, which was a huge mistake. I am unfamiliar with their website layout and that immediately makes it a little bit more difficult to navigate. I chose to visit their site because I figured they would have most of the items that I needed to buy. I click on the home furniture section hoping to find a small piece for my brothers new apartment.

Why I Don't Like Online Shopping

What I Do Like About Online Shopping

  • Every Site Makes You Register an Account
  • Filling out my credit card information
  • Can't physically look at or pick up the items
  • Free Shipping
  • Shop from the couch or any comfortable spot
  • Don't have to deal with traffic and parking
After browsing through a few chairs and shelving items I open a new tab and type in since I have a credit card with them, and I hope I can get a better discount. I put a couple of items in my cart and click on the checkout button. I arrive at the checkout page and it prompts me to register an account. I try to type in my username and password that I have for my credit card, but it gives me an error message. I find it cumbersome that I need to register another account with Kohl's since I already pay my kohl's card online. I grumble in frustration and decide to put down the laptop and go to my local Kohl's that is less than ten minutes away.

Small nondescript Christmas treeForty-five minutes later I've successfully purchased five gifts (with a little bit of walking involved) and am merrily driving back home. I think I will start smaller next time I try to shop online, instead of trying to buy all the items in one sitting I will spread it out and buy a couple of items at a time.