Thursday, December 20, 2012

I Don't Like Online Shopping

A group of wrapped Christmas gifts
This year I told myself I would try to sit down and really do my holiday shopping online. I text my mom (she is the central hub for all holiday wish lists) what my siblings, father, and their kids want.

She (my poor my still uses a flip-phone and it takes her a considerable amount of time to text any message) texts me back a couple of items listed on each person's list. From my many years of shopping for the same people I have a pretty good feel of what they might like or dislike given the parameters of the initial gift idea.

The first website I head over to is, which was a huge mistake. I am unfamiliar with their website layout and that immediately makes it a little bit more difficult to navigate. I chose to visit their site because I figured they would have most of the items that I needed to buy. I click on the home furniture section hoping to find a small piece for my brothers new apartment.

Why I Don't Like Online Shopping

What I Do Like About Online Shopping

  • Every Site Makes You Register an Account
  • Filling out my credit card information
  • Can't physically look at or pick up the items
  • Free Shipping
  • Shop from the couch or any comfortable spot
  • Don't have to deal with traffic and parking
After browsing through a few chairs and shelving items I open a new tab and type in since I have a credit card with them, and I hope I can get a better discount. I put a couple of items in my cart and click on the checkout button. I arrive at the checkout page and it prompts me to register an account. I try to type in my username and password that I have for my credit card, but it gives me an error message. I find it cumbersome that I need to register another account with Kohl's since I already pay my kohl's card online. I grumble in frustration and decide to put down the laptop and go to my local Kohl's that is less than ten minutes away.

Small nondescript Christmas treeForty-five minutes later I've successfully purchased five gifts (with a little bit of walking involved) and am merrily driving back home. I think I will start smaller next time I try to shop online, instead of trying to buy all the items in one sitting I will spread it out and buy a couple of items at a time.

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