Monday, January 21, 2013

Grocery Store Price Surprise

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My wife normally handles the majority of the grocery shopping in our household, but every now and then I help her out by going to the store especially if we are running low on a couple of items.

This time we were on our last gallon of milk, and short on a few other items of necessity. It was late and the middle of the week, my wife normally wakes up earlier than me so I told her I would go to our local Kroger to pick up what we needed.

When I get into the car I notice we are low on gas. I decide it would be better to get the gas first before I do the grocery shopping. We buy most of our groceries at Kroger so naturally we have their rewards card. I pull up to the pump at Kroger and glance at the stubbornly high price of gasoline. I swipe our card and select the option to use the gas reward of $0.25 off per gallon. Our car is a Nissan Versa, which has a small 12 gallon tank, I proceed to fill up the tank and wasn't too surprised to see that the tally was over $25 even with the discount.

After I finished at the gas station I drove down to the main entrance of Kroger and parked. Now I haven't been to the grocery store in well over three months, and when I do go I don't always pay that much attention to the prices of most goods. This time however I was quite surprised at how expensive everything was. It seemed like the prices on most items had been raised at least a little bit. I have noted in previous that generally the price of beef and other meat products had increased, but they were even higher than last time!

smiley face that says wowI walk around the aisles and load up my hand cart. I eventually make it over to the self-checkout lane. I scan my plus card and begin the task of scanning each item and placing it in the bagging area. As I approach the bottom of the hand cart I look at the total, and it is much higher than I thought it would be. Normally on my trips to the store I pay between $25 to $35, this time it was well over $55 and approaching $60. I reluctantly swipe my credit card and pay the amount due.

As I drive home I wonder about how much this increase in food is hurting American families and other families across the world. I am thankful that I can afford to feed my family, but I have a feeling that if the price of food continues on this upward trajectory many more families will have to cut back on spending or worry about buying enough food.

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