Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How I Spent my $20 in Kohl's Cash

kohl's cash
As the typical procrastinator that I am I wait until the very last day my Kohl's cash is still useable to visit their store and spend the $20 I earned for spending $100 during my Christmas shopping.

I immediately head over to the Keurig K-Cups section in the kitchen department to check out their stock, and see if they have any decent discounts. As I expected the shelves that contain them are mostly bare with only a few un-liked flavors left. I check the prices of each brand and proceed to see if there are any of my favorite flavors still available.

box of keurig style swiss miss hot chocolate
Very Yummy!
Becareful it comes out Hot!
I buy a 16 pack of Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate for the Keurig coffee maker for $11.99 I normally buy coffee, but this time I decided to go with Hot Chocolate, because I know the wife will drink some, and I have plenty of regular K-cups from Christmas presents.

I ask my wife what should we like if I had some left over money, and she told me a pair of jeggings. I walk around the ladies department a couple of times, but I can't find any jeggings. I decide to look at some tops instead and wander to the clearance section. Most of the tops aren't her size, but after going through what seems like all of them I find a blue paisley, it's been marked down significantly and is only $4.40. This is perfect I might be able to buy one more top for her and still be around the $20 mark. I go through the shirts one more time and find an acceptable one that I hope she will like, it's also priced at $4.40.

I take my items up to the checkout line and wait less than 5 minutes to checkout. I hand over my items to the cashier and after he scans them I give him the $20 Kohl's cash card. He scans it and tells me I owe $0.70. I smile and reach into my pocket and hand him a dollar. I complete the transaction and head to my car.

After I got home I checked and Amazon is selling the same package of K-Cups for $11.29. But I wasn't too bummed since I only spent $0.70 cents for 3 items. The best news is we are both greatly enjoying the hot chocolate on these cold winter nights, and my wife really liked the blue paisley top I picked out.

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