Saturday, February 2, 2013

Insane Gas Prices

My wife and I take turns driving our five year-old daughter to school every week. This week it was my turn, and the route we take to get to her school passes several local gas stations one being a Speedway, another a Shell, and the last one a BP.

I am shocked to see how the price of gas has been continuously rising the last few weeks and is now hovering around $3.75 per gallon mark! This is the time of year the cost gasoline is supposed to be lower. If the price is going to continue to climb it could be well over $4 by the time it hits the usual summer bump.

Luckily for us the drive to school is very brief and is less than 10 miles both ways. I really feel for the people that have a much long commute and have to deal with these insane gas prices by filling up their tank every week.

We usually only have to fill up our tank only twice a month sometimes only once every three weeks. Our car gets great highway mileage and above-average city mileage.

a clear road with maple trees on the left side
Even with our gas discount that we get from using our reward credit cards it is still too expensive to take a long trip. My poor wife really wants to visit her parents, but they live 300 miles away and at these gas prices I don't see us being able to make the trip until after they go down a bit. I don't want to spend $100 on gas alone!

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