Friday, February 8, 2013

Shopping at Barnes and Noble

a stack of three booksMy mom's birthday is coming up so I text her and asked what kind of gift she wanted this year. She promptly responded with a book that I haven't heard of before but apparently it is written by a local author that goes by the name of Sharon Short not to be confused with Sharon Stone who I thought it was at first when I read the name, but I took a double take and realized it was Short and not Stone.

Unfortunately I procrastinated and waited until the day before her birthday party to go shopping. My daughter and I drove to our nearest Barnes and Noble. At the store I realized I knew nothing about the book so before I walked over to customer service desk I whipped out my smart phone and visited their website. I learned that I could save 30% if I had ordered the book online! Even with the addition of standard shipping at $3.99 I would be ahead a couple dollars. You can receive free shipping if you spend over $25 on your order to, which I ended up spending a total of $36 with batteries and a birthday card.

a window with the word procrastination underneath it

It seems like every store nowadays has a little area for gift bags and cards. I am happy to say that Barnes and Noble has one as well. It makes it easier since I like to give people a card with their gift, and I never really go shopping for just a card.

After I find the book in the fiction section and pick out a birthday card I head over to the check out section. We walk past a battery display and I pick up a pack of AAA and C that are needed to power a couple of toys the kids own. When I arrive at the checkout counter I asked the cashier if they matched the online price. She gave me a flat no, I then asked her if I selected the pickup option if they would then match the online price, again she answered with a no. She told me the only way to get the online discounted price is to order it online. A little disappointed I surrendered my items and paid the price.

Hopefully I have learned my lesson for waiting to the last minute to buy someone a gift. If I had looked earlier I could have saved a couple of dollars off the book not to mention the gas I spent driving to the store and with these insane gas prices every little bit counts!

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