Monday, March 4, 2013

My Hubpages Challenge

hubpages logoThis month I am setting a goal of writing two new Hubs a week for Hubpages. I have been a member of their website for well over 4 years, and in the beginning I was pretty gun-ho about writing and publishing articles through them.

After a few months though my enthusiasm died down after I saw how little traffic and revenue I was receiving to my Hubs, and I thought I had moved on. I am also a member of Squidoo a similar website with the same concept, and at the time I was getting much more traffic to that site and a little bit more revenue, but nothing that would blow anyone away.

Over time though Hubpages really turned things around with quality control. It seemed like 4 years ago you could write just about anything, and they would publish it that has since changed dramatically for better. Now it is more difficult to get any substandard writing approved, and they have actual moderators that must approve any new material. A fair Hubpages review I found online.

The reason for my personal challenge is I have found that Hubpages is a good way to get Youtube views and people interested in your website. Plus I still am making a couple dollars a month from the Hubs that I wrote all those years ago. I know it isn't much money, but I like to look at this as an extremely long-tail venture.

For me their isn't much work involved in writing. I can complete an article in 2 to 3 hours depending on how much research I need to do on the topic. Most of the topics I write about are video games and personal finance related. I will keep this updated and let you know if I complete my challenge!

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