Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Laptop Hard Drive Broke

generic laptopA few weeks ago I accidentally broke my Lenovo laptop's hard drive. Let me start off by saying this was totally my fault. I had placed a couple of heavy objects on my desk's shelves and one of my daughters asked for an item. While I was grabbing for it one of the heavy items fell off the shelf and landed squarely on my laptop which was on at the time. Immediately it started making a weird noise so I tried to go to Windows and shut it down, but the mouse cursor was unresponsive so I manually pressed the button to turn it off.

When I tried booting up my computer again it seemed to load correctly and reached the windows screen. It didn't make the weird noise anymore, but unfortunately when I tried to use the mouse or open any program the laptop stuttered and wasn't responsive. I tried running a memory scan, but this did little to help the situation.

I called up my brother since he is the computer wiz in my family, and he told me to try to load an Ubuntu disk to retrieve my saved work and files. I went over to his apartment and picked up an Ubuntu CD, and successfully loaded the CD and was able to run Ubuntu. I then proceeded to transfer my files over to a USB stick.

My next step was to buy a new hard drive at Best Buy. I was able to get the same amount of space for about $30.
Lenovo logo

I then called Lenovo support to ask them for recovery disks. I had to talk to two different people and their phone support was terrible. I could barely hear them, because the line was fuzzy and scratchy. The first thing they did was check and see if my laptop was still under warranty, and after giving two different people the same information; they concluded that it wasn't. I was fine with this I knew my laptop was over a year old, I just wanted my installation disks to fix my computer! They then asked me what model I had, and I told them it was an Ideapad Y560. After 30 minutes of being on the phone I was able to get them to send me the disks, but it would cost me $50! I ponied up the money with my credit card.

After two weeks my disks arrived in the mail, but to my dismay they were for the Y460 model, and not the Y560 model that I told them several times! I was livid, but I ran the disks and it installed most of the software correctly. The only problem was the disks didn't have the correct graphics card drivers. I went to the Lenovo website and with the help of my brother we were able to find the right drivers and install them.

Two Lessons Learned From This Incident

  • Never overload and place heavy items on my desk shelf area again.
  • I will not be purchasing a Lenovo brand laptop again.

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