Sunday, March 10, 2013

Shopping for Sister's Birthday

birthday gift box with a green bowMy sister's birthday is coming up so I decide to send her a text message and see what kind of birthday gift she wants this year. I was out getting my haircut at the mall and was hoping she would reply quickly enough so I wouldn't have to make two trips.

Alas she doesn't text me back until the following day. She tells me that she is planning on purchasing some new pairs of jeans and offers me two of her desired stores that I could get her a gift card from.

I immediately think of my local Kroger store to purchase the gift cards, because they offer quadruple points on all gift card purchases. The next day I head over to Kroger and peruse their gift card kiosk, and quickly find one of the stores she messaged me. I pick out a $50 one and then head over to the holiday/birthday card aisle.

It's amazing how sometimes I take a long time to find the right birthday card and other times I find it within the first or second one I look at. This time I found the perfect card on the second one I picked up. It said something about how as siblings growing up we didn't agree all the time on the front cover, and inside it said there is one thing we can agree on, she is getting old. I know I am going to get it next year for my card.

gasoline pump dripping gas
I head over to the self-checkout and proceed to complete my purchase. I check my receipt and I received 200 fuel points for the $50 gift card. After I get back to my car I head over to Kroger's gas station to immediately use up my fuel points. I end up getting 40 cents off per gallon bringing the price down to $3.05. I really prefer using their gas pump as opposed to my local Exxon Mobil station even though I have the ExxonMobil Smart card I haven't been using it that much.

I think this was the best way to purchase my sister's birthday present although next year I will do some more research to see if I can find a better deal than just getting fuel points, but at least I used the points and didn't let them go to waste.

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