Saturday, January 2, 2016

Where You Can Find Me

I will be moving this blog sometime in early 2016, but before I do I wanted to share with you some of the social websites and networks that I have accounts on. This way you will be able to still follow me and see the types of stories and news that I keep track of and share.

I am pretty active with several different social sites, and I share many popular news stories that I find insightful and interesting.

Where You Can Find Me

My Delicious profile contains the latest trending delicious topics that I find humorous.
My Digg profile is connected through my Twitter account and you can use it as a list of my favorite retweets.
I am also a member of, a website that is very similar to Reddit, but isn't nearly as big or full of SJW.
On my Ycombinator profile I submit news on Data breaches and other news concerning security and technology.

I will continue to update this list as I join and participate in more social websites. Please leave me a comment if you think there is one worthy of joining that I haven't mentioned yet.

I usually go by different usernames for each website, I am a little bit of a scatterbrain and it makes it challenging trying to remember all my different usernames and passwords. If you do recognize me don't be shy and give me a follow or friend me. I will be sure to do the same. :)